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Herbal formula: natural ingredients, mild without stimulation, soothing plants reduce possible inflammation. Ginseng
Herbal Acne Treatment Cream by reducing inflammation, eliminating excess sebum and balancing the oil in the skin.
Pimple Removal: Reduce pore size and get rid of acne quickly and easily. Protects the skin gently and stimulates cell
regeneration. Reveals new skin that helps your skin feel soft again.
Removes toxins: Removes impurities and helps calm irritated skin, control acne, relieve acne growth, formula is mild and
comfortable, texture is refreshing and easy to absorb. Inhibiting epidermal bacterial proliferation and rapidly redirecting
skin and eliminating toxins.
Reduce pore size: Promote cell metabolism, improve skin resistance, deep detoxification, effectively regulating skin
water and oil balance. Astringent properties help to eliminate severe acne while leaving the skin feeling nice and
refreshed. Suitable for most skin types – our special blend of nutrients and active ingredients is suitable for all skin types
including very sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin and combination skin.
Aqua, glycerol, butylene glycol, nicotinamide, panax ginseng extract, hamamelis virginiana extract, aloe barbaden sis
extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, allantoin, prg-40

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