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The Micromedico Story

Find out what European Skin Care experts are talking about. European anti-aging expert, Karlo Kiss, provider of leading anti-aging skin treatments for over a decade, consulted with top Estheticians to find a more effective, longer lasting, and less painful solution to Botox and fillers.
After years researching nanotechnology, he discovered a leading manufacturer with a revolutionary airbrush technology and decided to focus effort in this area to create the revolutionary solution that produces immediate but long-term results. The new technology uses oxygen therapy to open pores and deliver micro fillers, effectively reborning the cells.

“The secret is to heal the skin rather than offer a quick fix that harms the skin.” Says Karlo. 
“The natural look of the skin is so much better.”

Micromedico started with Microblading artists and now after a decade of hard work we are one of the largest and most experienced beauty academies in the world. We are introducing innovations to the beauty market, and we provide the best education for our partners!

Our goals are quality and customer care. Satisfied and returning customers can vouch for the quality of our products and services. We follow global trends and strive to create our own trends. All services are provided by a highly professional and trained staff. Micromedico offers world-renowned education presented by a highly professional and trained staff. This is not just our job. It is our mission to bring out the best in what the beauty industry has to offer.
Your skin is our canvas, and we take great pride in our canvases all around the world. We’ve created more than 15,000 pieces of art and have taught over 2,000 students worldwide.
Together, we help you achieve success.

After much success in Europe, Micromedico is now available in the US.
Our US Headquarters is in San Antonio, TX.



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